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Feel free to modify ClamXAV’s preference settings so that they work for you – we’ve pre-configured them but you’re in charge. Click through the icons on the bar below for an explanation of all the options available.

  • Alert:

    The first two options sound an alert and display a notification if any infected files are found or when a scan completes – so you can safely go away and do something else while ClamXAV does its thing and the results will be there waiting for you when you get back.

    The Count infections on Dock icon simply places a badge on top of the ClamXAV icon in the Dock so you can see at a glance how many infected items were found.

    Show ClamXAV menu item

    This allows you to hide the ClamXAV menu item if you’re short on real estate at the top of your screen. Don’t worry, ClamXAV and Sentry will both still work even if you disable the menu item – and you won’t miss out on any notifications either.

    Animate ClamXAV menu item

    Untick this option if you like seeing the menu item, but don’t want to be distracted by the animation that tells you ClamXAV is doing its thing.


  • Automatic Database Updates

    Keep this turned on to allow ClamXAV to ensure that its malware database is always up-to-date.  When this is enabled, the database will be updated every time you startup your computer, log in, or open ClamXAV.

    Scheduled Database Updates

    Our malware database can be updated several times a day, so choose an update frequency that suits you.

    We strongly advise you to keep at least one of the above options enabled.

    Usage & System Info

    Sharing your anonymous information about the hardware you’re using (iMac, MacPro, MacBook Pro etc) and also your processor, memory and version of macOS is extremely helpful to us. The more we know about the technical capabilities of your machine, the better we can support you with future versions of ClamXAV. Rest assured, you cannot be personally identified by any of this information, but feel free to check out our privacy policy to see how we use it.



    By default, ClamXAV will automatically quarantine infected items it encounters. This allows you to gather together the infected items for inspection in case you want to keep anything.

    The Open Quarantine button displays the contents of the items in quarantine.

    If you’ve gathered a number of infected items over time, the quarantine folder may get quite large. You can empty it quickly and easily by clicking the Empty Quarantine Folder button.

  • These options provide some added extras for power users or for those who like to live on the wild side.

    Enable beta ClamXAV updates

    Before publicly releasing an update, we go through a number of test versions to iron out bugs, test functionality and new features. Enable the checkbox if you’d like to take part in this process. Remember, by the very nature of test software, it’s highly likely to contain bugs and incomplete features.



    Enable Sentry background monitor

    Sentry is the part of ClamXAV which monitors your computer in the background and scans new files as they land on your computer. Keeping this option enabled is the best way for ClamXAV to protect you and your Mac.

    Scan inserted disks

    If you use external hard drives, USB memory sticks, CDs/DVDs, disk images etc. then this option will allow ClamXAV Sentry to scan those items as they’re connected to your Mac.