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  • Protects against Viruses, Adware & Malware
  • Blocks annoying & dangourous pop ups
  • Single licence key for all devices
  • 30% student discount
  • 30 day free trial
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ClamXAV is a highly trusted anti-virus and malware scanner for macOS. It detects threats and keeps the Mac in your home clean, safe and virus-free. It also ensures you don’t pass on security threats and nasty viruses to anyone else.

Multiple Macs, One Subscription

Protect all the Macs in your household with one subscription, and keep them all up-to-date at the same time.

Say goodbye to different subscriptions and renewal dates for all your devices.

Just install ClamXAV, activate it, and forget about it. Let us look after your Macs.

30% Off Discount For Students

Protecting all your coursework (and photos and music of course!) couldn't be simpler. Every student who purchases their own ClamXAV subscription gets a generous 30% off.

It's not just students either - we'll offer the same discount to teachers too. In fact, if you work anywhere in the education sector, we've got you covered.

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Flexible pricing built for your needs


Protect all your coursework
(and everything else!)


Protect up to 3 Macs
in your home


Protect up to 9 Macs
in your home

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