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Keeping all your Macs safe and virus-free is remarkably simple with ClamXAV
– and remarkably cost-effective too

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Easy and effective

The ClamXAV scanner is easy to install – you can do this remotely and configure it using your existing deployment tools. Once in place, it works away quietly in the background, catching any malware trying to get into your Mac and swiftly removing it.

You set the rules

ClamXAV can scan specific files or entire hard drives – it’s up to you and it only takes a couple of clicks to start the process. It will scan any new files the instant they arrive (putting suspicious ones straight into quarantine) and once you’ve set your preferences, you can lock them down to stop other people on your network fiddling with your settings.

Staff, student & campus discounts

Every student who purchases their own ClamXAV subscription gets a generous 30% off, and we’ll give even bigger volume discounts to schools, colleges and universities who buy in bulk. If you add more licences later on, you’ll get the same discount. Generous to a fault!

Single registration key for multiple Macs

If you’re buying ClamXAV for multiple Macs on your network, you’ll get a single registration key for all the licenced Macs, keeping distribution and licence management nice and simple.

I think I just experienced the best tech support ever, and I’ve been around a while.
Bob, Denver, Colorado