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Frequently asked questions.

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about ClamXAV but were afraid to ask. Here’s a round up of the most common questions we get asked. And the answers we give!

Installation and Updates

What are ClamXAV’s system requirements?
How do I install ClamXAV on another Mac?
What’s the best way to update ClamXAV when a new version is available?

Deactivation and Uninstalling

How to deactivate ClamXAV when retiring an old Mac
How do I deactivate a Mac I can no longer access?
How do I uninstall ClamXAV completely?

Purchasing and Licensing

How do I purchase ClamXAV?
Do you offer a student discount?
How do I upgrade from ClamXAV 2?
When will my licence auto-renew?
One subscription of ClamXAV for use on multiple Macs in my household?
Do you offer a volume licensing program?
How do I cancel my subscription or update my credit card details?
Are you storing my credit card details?
How do I change my registered email address?
Can you send me my registration key again?

Using ClamXAV

Can I scan my entire hard drive?
Why is the scan taking so long?
Will other anti-virus scanners cause conflicts with ClamXAV?
I’ve got a suspicious file but ClamXAV didn’t find any malware – what do I do?
ClamXAV picked up a virus in my Word documents – what do I do?


What’s the difference between malware, viruses and trojans?
What’s phishing?