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Head of Malware Research

Head of Malware Research, Canimaan Software Ltd

Who you are

A senior software engineer with at least 3 years’ commercial experience, your problem-solving skills will be nothing short of superhuman. A motivated self-starter, you’ll be ready and able to work autonomously against agreed tasks and challenges. You’ll have had previous (and proven) experience of working remotely as well as an active interest or involvement in computer security.

What we need you to do

  • Find and download macOS malware and suspicious files
  • Inspect the files you find to determine what they do, what changes are made to the file system and OS, and how to counter/remove infections
  • Based on your analysis, create removal scripts for the malware and generate virus definition signatures
  • Manage virus definition updates for distribution to all our licensed ClamXAV users
  • Note key points regarding malware and security threats for our blogger to relay
  • Assist in key software engineering/architecture decisions when required
  • Assist in handling helpdesk queries including analysis of diagnostics submissions from ClamXAV users

We may also ask you to take on the following tasks…

  • Work on and improve our reseller portal
  • Build our staff portal/key management interface

What you’ll bring to the table (or keyboard)

  • A good degree in Computer Science (or a similar discipline)
  • At least 3 years’ commercial software engineering experience, with at least 2 years in recent macOS commercial software application development for a well-known or widely used application
  • 2+ years’ experience with the UNIX command line, including strong shell scripting and/or Perl knowledge
  • Strong problem solving skills and pattern recognition
  • A thorough understanding of the whole Mac operating system (startup process, launchd, filesystems, networking)
  • Knowledge of macOS binary (Mach-O) structure
  • Experience with Git version control
  • A background (or strong interest) in computer security
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluency in English

We’ll give extra points for…

  • Experience in developing in Objective-C
  • Experience in building browser and email app extensions
  • Experience in Ubuntu, PHP, Perl, AppleScript and Bash scripting
  • Fluency in a language other than English
  • Expert-level experience with ClamXAV

What we’ll give you in return

  • Annual pre-tax salary of £40k+ (depending on experience)
  • Pension + great employer contributions
  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Use of shiny new Mac hardware and software (company-owned but yours to work on)
  • Flexible working hours, flexible/remote working environment (just general flexibility really)
  • Superhero accessories as appropriate (specs, company T-shirt, kryptonite shield)

If you have what it takes to help us move forward, please submit your CV below and tell us why you think you may be suitable for this role.