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ClamXav's helper program, ClamXav Sentry, has the ability to watch key areas on your hard disk for newly added items and scan them as they arrive. You may also specify your own additional folders to be monitored. Please see the main ClamXav Sentry documentation section for further usage details.

To tell ClamXav Sentry what to watch, drag folders into the list of items to watch, or click the plus (+) button and choose something on your disk. Items may be removed from the list by selecting the name(s) and then pressing the minus (-) button.

Scan inserted disks
By ticking this option, ClamXav Sentry will scan any disks which are inserted, this includes external hard drives, USB storage devices as well as CDs and DVDs.

Ask before scanning large disks
If you insert a disk with a lot of data on it, the scan will take a long time. By ticking this option, you will be asked for permission before the scan proceeds, giving you the option to skip the scan altogether.

Ask before scanning large disks
ClamXav Sentry will scan any networked disks you connect to, which can also take a long time. This can be disabled by removing the tick from this checkbox.

Quarantine infected files
This will cause ClamXav Sentry to move any infected files automatically into your specified quarantine folder. This option is only available if you have specified a quarantine location in the Quarantine Preferences section.

Delete infected files
This option will move any infected files automatically to the trash silently. You will not be warned about the infected file, and it will remain in the trash until you empty it.

Launch ClamXav Sentry when you log in to this computer
To ensure ClamXav is constantly monitoring your computer, we recommend enabling this option so that it will start up when you log in to your computer.
If this box is ticked, ClamXav Sentry will immediately start watching your computer for new files when you click OK to save your preference settings. If you do not tick the box, then you must choose Launch ClamXav Sentry from the ClamXav menu (at the top of the screen beside the Apple Menu) to enable monitoring.

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