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Scheduling Preferences

You can configure ClamXav to update virus definitions automatically at a time when you know the computer is going to be running and connected to the internet. Our recommendation is to scheduled an update to take place every day.

You can also configure a scan to take place automatically — specify files or folders to be scanned by dragging them into the preferences panel, or by clicking the plus button directly underneath it.

Scheduled scans will make use of your exclusion settings in the Exclude Preferences section.

It makes sense to schedule a virus defs update to take place before a scan rather than after. We would also recommend that you allow at least 5 minutes between scheduled updates and scans in case your computer experiences any unexpected issues with a slow internet connection.

To turn a scheduled event off, change the day popup to "Off".

The main ClamXav application does not need to be running for scheduled scans and updates to take place.

Important note: For scheduled scans/updates, logging is always ON, quarantine is always OFF.

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