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Advanced Preferences

In here, you'll find some extra preferences for power users.

Enable beta ClamXav updates
Prior to releasing an update to the public, ClamXav will go through a number of test versions to iron out bugs and test functionality and new features. You can enable this checkbox if you would like to take part in this process. NB: By the very nature of test software, it is likely to contain bugs and incomplete features.

Do not display summary at the end of scanning
This option suppresses the brief summary at the end of each scan which states, inter alia, how many viruses the scanning engine knows about, how many were found in your chosen scan location, and how long it took to perform the scan.

A disk is considered "large" if it contains more than [XXX] MB
With ClamXav Sentry set to scan any disks you use with the computer, you will occasionally see a message telling you "XYZ is a large disk which may take some time to scan. Are you sure you wish to scan it?". This option allows you to increase the threshold before which that message will appear. For example, if you routinely share a USB memory stick (pen drive) which is 2GB in size with a friend/colleague, you may want to consider increasing the value here to 2048. This means the volume will still be scanned when connected via USB, but you won't be asked about it every time you plug it in.

Additional command line arguments
If you're accustomed to using the command line interface to the ClamAV scanning engine, you may know some of the other options which can be passed to the clamscan process; if so, you can enter them here.

Path to freshclam logfile
By default, when downloading virus definition updates, ClamXav will write progress information to the log file at /usr/local/clamXav/share/clamav/freshclam.log You may specify a different file here, however, the file must have read/write permissions for the clamav user. All directories to that file must, of course, also have execute permissions for the clamav user so that the file may be found and opened.

Path to engine installation
Although ClamXav comes bundled with a scanning engine for convenience, it is also capable of using a pre-existing installation configured and built by yourself. As of ClamXav v2.9, however, you must specify /usr/local/clamXav as the installation prefix during the configure phase. You must also copy over the additional tools our installer places in that directory and ensure all file permissions are the same. If anything is missing, or the permissions are incorrect, ClamXav will prompt you to reinstall the bundled scanning engine.
Please note that we cannot offer customer support unless you are using the bundled scanning engine.

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